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PCB Manufacturer, PCBA PCB Assembly Manufacturer: Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Design

Chinese quickturn PCB manufacturer, PCBA PCB assembly manufacturer in China, QuickPCB explains the three main points of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design! For newcomers to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, some design points need to be especially noticed. If you don't pay attention to it, then the designed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) will probably not be put into manufacturing by PCB manufacturer factory. Today, PCB manufacturer and PCBA PCB assembly manufacturer, QuickPCB will explain for you, the three essential points in PCB circuit board design.

First of all, it is the same length. When designing the differential printed circuit board (PCB), be careful to make the length of the two signal lines as long. Because the length of the PCB signal line is the same, the transmission time of the signal is also the same, so the polarity of the differential signal will be different, resulting in the opposite situation. If the differential signal is the same, the signal quality will be poor, said QuickPCB, PCB manufacturer, PCBA PCB assembly manufacturer in China.

Then, it is equidistant. In other words, the distance between the differential lines should be the same. By adjusting the distance of the differential line, PCB manufacturer, PCBA PCB assembly manufacturer, QuickPCB can adjust a differential impedance across the PCB Printed Circuit Board. What are the benefits? If our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) differential impedance maintains a certain degree of continuity, then there will be very little reflection and the transmitted signal will be very complete, explained QuickPCB, PCB and PCBA PCB assembly manufacturer in China.

Finally, it is differential lines and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layers stack. It is generally believed that the differential line will provide a reflow path for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), and the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) will use this method to reflow through the differential line, so pay attention to the differential line and Printed Circuit Board(PCB) layers stack when designing, said QuickPCB, PCB and PCBA PCB assembly manufacturer in China.

In the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, only by memorizing these three points, can greatly reduce the chance of error, continuously improve the design quality and production value of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) produced by QuickPCB, PCB and PCBA PCB assembly manufacturer in China, and truly manufacture high quality Printed for customers. Circuit Board (PCB) products.

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