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Superconducting Aluminum Substrate PCB Printed Circuit Board

The superconducting aluminum substrate is a super-conductive metal aluminum-based circuit board, which means that the resistance drops to zero under a certain temperature condition.

Generally, ultra-high voltage transmission will have a large loss, and the use of a superconducting aluminum substrate can minimize the loss. In today's LED market, especially the rise of some small-volume, high-power, high-brightness products, there is a higher requirement for the thermal conductivity of the substrate, and the superconducting aluminum substrate can solve this problem well.

At present, superconducting aluminum substrate products have covered the entire lighting products industry, such as commercial lighting, indoor lighting, LED lighting, road lighting and so on.

Judging from the development of the current LED industry, superconducting aluminum substrates will continue to develop at a high speed in the next few years, and the export value will also grow steadily. Due to the sustained economic development, domestic sales will also usher in a period of rapid growth.

Global Quick Turn PCB Limited focuses on the production of high-performance and high-conductivity LED aluminum substrates PCB, copper substrates (thermoelectric separation) PCB, copper-aluminum composite PCB Circuits Boards and other metal circuit boards. The company has a full set of automated PCB manufacturing production equipment and precision PCB Circuits Board testing equipment for the production of metal circuit boards (aluminum substrates, copper substrates), and 10 years of research and development and manufacturing of metal PCB Printed Circuit Boards.

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