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Double-sided Aluminum Core/Substrate PCB Via(PTH, Plated Through Hole)

The double-sided aluminum substrate via hole is also called a metallized hole(PTH, Plated Through Hole), and the double-sided aluminum substrate is a printed wire connecting the layers, and a common hole, that is, a via hole, is drilled at the intersection of the wires that need to be connected at each layer.

The hole of the double-sided aluminum substrate itself has a parasitic capacitance to the ground, and there is also a parasitic inductance, which often brings a great negative effect to the design of the line.

The double-sided aluminum substrate is in the circuit board, one line jumps from one side of the board to the other side, and the hole connecting the two wires is also called a via hole(PTH, Plated Through Hole), and the difference is that there is no soldering layer on the pad and the side.

In the process, the cylindrical surface of the hole wall of the double-sided aluminum substrate through the hole is chemically deposited with a layer of metal for connecting the copper foil to be connected in the middle layer, and the upper and lower sides of the via hole(PTH, Plated Through Hole)are circularly welded. The shape of the disk, the parameters of its vias are mainly the outer diameter of the hole and the size of the hole.

The double-sided aluminum substrate PCB via can be divided into a through hole and a buried type.

First, through hole

The so-called through-hole type via means a through-hole through which all copper layers are applied.

Second, buried

Buried vias only pass through the middle of the copper layer, as if buried by other layers of copper.

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