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LED Copper-based PCB Circuit Board Thermal Conductivity Exceeds 400W/mk

GQTPCB has launched a silver-plated LED bracket in 2011. After the iron-based circuit board, the ultra-high thermal conductivity 401W/mk copper-based circuit board has been introduced to completely solve the LED thermal bottleneck and has been mass-produced.

The 401W/mk copper substrate PCB introduced this time applies the latest PCB process design and PCB structural design, and successfully obtained the certification of the invention patent, completely solved the PCB heat dissipation problem of the high-power LED light source, making the overall temperature of the lamp lower, and the light decay is smaller. Longer life and lower unit cost. The patented principle uses LED chips to directly solder to the copper substrate of PCB circuit board  to achieve one-time heat transfer. A huge breakthrough in zero thermal resistance.

At present, the product has been widely used in high-power single 3W.5W high-power LED chips. 10W-200WLED package COB light source and various track lights. Street lights, downlights, stage lights, flashlights, etc. The company also produces aluminum substrates, iron Substrate, copper substrate, ceramic substrate and other single and double-sided metal heat sink substrates.

The company said that at the end of 2012, the company will successfully break through the bottleneck of ceramic substrate PCB production and truly apply ceramic circuit boards to ordinary LED lamps. According to relevant leaders, the mass production price of ceramic substrates PCB will not affect the overall cost price of LED lamps.

GlobalQuickTurnPCB has always regarded “high thermal conductivity” as the main indicator for factory R&D, and provides various thermal solutions for LED manufacturers. Through long-term persistence and unremitting efforts, 2.2W.3.0W.4.0W.6.0W has been produced. Metal aluminum-based circuit boards, and "become a first-class metal substrate PCB manufacturing company" as a corporate vision.

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