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How to make PCB by yourself

Here is one method of making PCB low cost by yourself:

1. Cut the copper claded laminate into the required dimensions of the circuit diagram.

2. Place the wax paper on the steel plate, use the pen to engrave the circuit diagram on the wax paper in 1:1 scale, and cut the circuit diagram engraved on the wax paper according to the PCB board size. The cuted wax paper is placed on the copper claded laminate. Take a small amount of paint and talcum powder to make a thick and suitable PCB printing material, use a brush to pick up the PCB printing material, evenly apply it to the wax paper, and repeat it several times, the circuits can be printed on the copper claded laminate. This stereotype can be used repeatedly and is suitable for small batch PCB production.

3. PCB corrosion solution is prepared by using 1 gram of potassium chlorate and a concentration of 15% hydrochloric acid of 40 ml, and is etched on the circuit board to be corroded.

4. Rinse the corroded printed board repeatedly with water. Wipe off the paint with banana water and wash it several times to clean the printed circuit board without leaving corrosive liquid. Apply a layer of rosin solution to dry and drill holes.

To make PCB samples or samll batch PCB is interesting. You can also find a PCB fabrication shop to produce PCB samples and batch PCB, professional PCB producer can manufacture high quality PCB accurately and effectively.

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