QuickPCB Quickturn PCB, PCBAssembly manufacturer from China

Quickturn PCB, PCBAssembly Manufacturer
QUICKPCB, High Quality Quickturn PCB, Quick PCB Assembly Manufacturer from China

QuickPCB is a Quickturn PCB and PCBAssembly manufacturer in China, focusing on quickturn PCB prototype and batch PCB quick manufacturing and PCBAssembly. QuickPCB focus on providing quick PCB Printed Circuit Board manufacturing and PCBAssembly services to customers around the world.
In order to help customers quickly have low-cost, manufacturable PCB Printed Circuit Board, QuickPCB has designed a whole-process service system from front-end  PCB design to back-end PCBAssembly(SMT, DIP, Post soldering, etc) manufacturing factory. Experienced PCB and PCBAssembly manufacturing  engineers and technicians are available when you contact QuickPCB, provide  PCB circuit board design optimization and manufacturability design consulting  services. In order to meet the customer's short research and development time and  quick appear on market, QuickPCB invests a large amount of  capital, equipments and manpower every year to continuously improve PCB and PCBAssembly manufacturing process development, speed up PCB/PCBAssembly manufacturing and quick PCB/PCBAssembly  delivery.
QuickPCB offer quickest PCB/PCBAssembly manufacturing service: complete  double sided PCB manufacturing within 24 hours and complete multi-layer PCB circuit  board in 48-96 hours. QuickPCB provide customers with An Hour PCB Quotation Response  and 30-Minute Complaint Response Service. The marketing team, technology team and production PCB/PCBAssembly factory of QuickPCB in Shenzhen,China provide PCB/PCBAssembly technical support, PCB circuit board production and PCB order process services to customers, quickly and personalizedly meet customers' quickturn PCB/PCBAssembly demands.
PCB types: Single side PCB manufacturer, Double side PCB manufacturer, Multilayer PCB manufacturer, Flexible PCB(FPC) manufacturer, Rigid-flex PCB manufacturer, Aluminium core PCB manufacturer, Cu core PCB manufacturer, IMS PCB manufacturer, etc

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