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Reinforcement types of FPC: PI, FR4 and Stainless Steel

FPC reinforced materials generally need to meet the properties of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance. The most used are PI reinforcement, FR4 reinforcement and stainless steel reinforcement. No matter what kind of reinforcement, in the end, it needs to be pressed on the FPC circuit board. According to different needs and use environment, different reinforcement materials are selected, the pressure parameters are adjusted correctly, the pressure time is controlled, and the quality of the FPC is improved.

As a special engineering material, PI has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, microelectronics, nano, liquid crystal, separation membrane, laser and other fields. It has flame retardant, high temperature and low temperature resistance, long-term use temperature can be -200 ℃ ~ 426 ℃. In the production of FPC, the PI used is mainly PI protective film and PI reinforcing film. The PI protective film is used for circuit insulation, and the PI reinforcing plate is used in the area on the back of the FPC golden finger. The thickness of the PI reinforcement sheet is mainly based on the design drawings and the use environment, and the PI reinforcement of different thickness is selected for pressing.

FR4 as a flame-resistant material, its mechanical properties, dimensional stability, impact resistance, moisture resistance is higher than the paper substrate, its electrical performance is excellent, the working temperature is higher, and its performance is less affected by the environment. In processing technology, it has great advantages over other resin glass fiber cloth substrates. It is mainly used as a reinforcing sheet in FPC production and is mainly used as the back of the FPC welding area to strengthen the hardness of the welding area and protect it. After patching, the electronic components in this area are not bad due to the continuous bending and extension of the FPC, and because their wear resistance is not comparable to PI, they generally do not need to be reinforced with gold fingers.

Stainless steel reinforcement mainly refers to 303 stainless steel reinforcement. 303 stainless steel is an austenitic free-cutting stainless steel with sulfur and selenium, which is easy to cut and is used for occasions requiring free cutting and high surface finish. FPC reinforcement often has different shapes, and stainless steel 303 is easy to etch. Therefore, in FPC products that require high stability, this kind of steel sheet reinforcement is often used. Because the steel sheet reinforcement cannot be drilled with CNC or FPC laser, it is mainly produced by the method of chemical etching, and the cost is relatively Higher.

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