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Rigid-Flexible PCB (Rigid-Flex PCB): refers to a special Printed Circuit Board made by pressing a Rigid Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and a Flexible Circuit Board (FPC). The board materials used are mainly rigid FR4 and flexible polyimide (PI) by rigid-flex PCB manufacturer. The rigid-flex board combines the advantages of the rigid characteristics of the rigid PCB Printed Circuit Board and the bendable characteristics of the FPC Flexible Printed Circuit Board, so that the PCB is no longer a two-dimensional layer, but a three-dimensional internal connection and arbitrary bending and folding. It can replace the composite PCB Printed Circuit Board which is connected by multiple connectors, multiple cables and ribbon cables, and has the advantages of stronger performance, higher stability, lighter weight and smaller volume of the product.

What is the use of Rigid-flex PCB circuit board?

What is the purpose of the combination of flexible and rigid PCB board, where is it used, in fact, it is widely used in mobile phone cameras, notebook computers, laser printing, medical, military, aviation and other products.

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